Friday, April 27, 2012

Alright Already! ;-)

I have been scolded by a few people (nicely of course), for not having updated the blog and provided Keira fans with any recent pics. The last photos are from mid March and it's now the end of April. How did that happen? Time is passing by far too quickly! Changes are practically happening each and every day. I literally can't keep up!

What can I tell you about the little girl who, just under four months ago, was a little introverted peanut, and spent much of her time simply taking everything in while constantly sucking her fingers? She was a tiny little thing who couldn't sit on her own, couldn't roll over, and she had no teeth. Well, she is most certainly not a little peanut anymore and she most certainly isn't a little introvert! She babbles constantly, waves at anybody and everybody who will give her the time of day, and is army crawling throughout the house and lightening speed. Keira is a sensitive little soul. She absolutely adores animals (especially her own), loves her family, thinks music is the greatest thing ever, and has the most infectious giggle. She now has five teeth and eats almost anything and everything. She also, at just fifteen months old, has figured out how to test the limits and push Mommy's buttons. We've all had to work really hard at keeping a straight face (that includes grandparents) as it's really hard not to laugh sometimes, as once Keira figures she has an audience, look out!

She is an absolute joy. It is as though she has always been here. For those of you who have been longing for some updated photos....enjoy! 

Feeding the chickadees in mid March
Checking out my Uncle's Easter gift while wearing the Ladybug suit giving to me from a friend...any guesses who?
Would you like a blueberry?
My first visit to the Experimental Farm - I LOVED it! Every animal I saw was "Titan". ;-)

Swinging during the heat wave. Slides - swings - I love it all!