Monday, April 29, 2013

Spring is in The Air!

Finally! The snow has melted, the sun has been shining, and we've been able, on a couple of occasions, to shed the coats! I don't know about you, but we're LOVING this warmer weather. We actually spotted our first mosquito yesterday....don't like that much, but hey, beggars can't be choosers, can they?

I think it will soon be time to open up our sandbox and get our new water table up and running outside. What fun!

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Three Months Overdue Birthday Post!

I've suggested multiple times I needed to write a post about Keira's least get SOMETHING down! She did turn two back in mid January after all! This year was so incredibly different from last year. Last year Keira turned a year old while we were in China, just two days before we flew home. Even though we had a cake for her while amongst our new friends from our travel group, and we celebrated again with family once we returned home, she really didn't have a clue what the celebration was all about and cake, well, she wasn't into it at all yet. This year? A different story, totally!

Keira's birthday actually started a day early on the Thursday evening with the arrival of a parcel in the mail. Then, because her birthday was on a Friday and I was still off work, we were able to simply putter and enjoy our day which began with a pile of wrapped gifts on the kitchen table. Having just gone through the whole Christmas experience, Keira knew EXACTLY what the presents were and automatically assumed they were for her, especially seeing as she had just opened a box full of gifts the night before. In a blink, she had reached up onto the kitchen table, pulled off a gift, sat herself down, and had started unwrapping.

Once she had unwrapped her gifts and played with some of her new toys, I managed to convince her to sit down and have some breakfast. After breakfast we headed downstairs for "la piece de resistance". I was so excited to see her reaction. She did not disappoint! As soon as we rounded the corner of the stairs and came upon the entranceway to the family room she saw it....the kitchen. The kitchen the salesperson had told me I'd need "about an hour to build". Yeah, right. It took two of us over six hours to piece it all together. And not because the kit was disorganized or missing parts. Nope, not at all. It was extremely well laid out, but the sheer number of parts?!? Unbelievable!!! I got to bed at 4:00 in the morning. Keira's squeal of delight as she ran across the room was worth it though! She also received play food for her birthday and, unbeknownst to her, would be receiving pots, pans and kitchen utensils from my parents when they joined us on Sunday to celebrate. 

That evening we enjoyed a nice dinner followed by some cupcakes of course. As you can see from the pictures, cake is not longer an issue. This girl loves her sweets!

On Sunday we asked family and our close neighbours to join us for lunch. It was a perfect way to celebrate Little Miss turning two. I didn't want to overwhelm her but also wanted to acknowledge her special day. It worked out perfectly. Being surrounded by people she loves was a recipe for great company and fun playing. Add to that good food and more presents for her to open and she was in her element.

Giving her baby cousin a thank you parting gift
Keira had a super day (days actually) and now figures that any gift bag or wrapped present, no matter the occasion, is for her! And so now I am the mother of a two year old, one who is changing and growing by the day. How did THAT happen?

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Her Smile Melts My Heart

My daughter is two. And, with the age of two, seems to have come a newer (note the word newer) found strong will and determination. A greater push for independence, and a stubbornness that would put even a mule to shame. The digging in of the heels occurs at even the smallest of requests. The shaking of the head is now accompanied by a strong "no" multiple times a day, and her frustrations end up bursting out in the form of physical, shall we say "energy", perhaps because her language can't come out fast enough. She has incredible comprehension and many many words, but has yet to string them all together, and I think this bugs the heck out of her. She knows exactly what she wants to say but can't get it out.

Under this ball of incredible energy, there is an absolute love. One who is full of hugs and wet kisses, playful teasing, and much laughter and music and dancing. One who loves to be outside, and from the moment she wakes up in the morning, asks to "play". Her smile melts my heart. Thank goodness for the multitude of hugs and kisses and smiles. They are going to get us through the times I'm in pull out hair mode!

"Singing" the ABCs

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Backtrack - Winterlude

I am the first to admit that I ADORE the warmer weather and would be quite happy living somewhere with a warmer climate year round. But we don't. We live in a climate where it can get quite hot in the summer and downright cold in the winter. I like the changing of the seasons....winter....not so much. However, given I live where I do, I make every effort to make the most of it and you will find in my stash of belongings items such as snowshoes, skates, and downhill skis. In a couple of years, when Keira is a wee bit older, I have every intention of getting her out on the slopes. We're stuck with this weather for almost five months of the year, so we might as well bundle up and get out and enjoy it.

This year we had A LOT of snow and Keira loved it. She adored being outside with her snow shovel and sand toys (or perhaps I should call them snow toys during the winter season) and was quite content to trudge through the snow and/or be pulled in her sled. As such, during Winterlude (a huge Winter Party/Festival that takes place each year), we got together with my brother's family and headed over to Jacques Cartier Park, known for their kid's activities and family friendly fun. It was a cold day but we bundled up and spent three hours out in the fresh (very fresh) air playing parachute games, going down ice slides, listening to music, and exploring. Although I took the sled with me, Keira insisted on walking everywhere. Needless to say, once back in the car, she was asleep within minutes!
Totally intrigued by Annabelle, the dragon. She followed Annabelle around and wasn't impressed when it was time for her to take a break!

Cousins :-)
Boat ride, anyone?

Keira tends to stand back and watch for all of two minutes to "check things out" then gets right in there! My brother is in the background in the red jacket.
That's one very big chair!

Whoosh! Keira would have gone up and down the slides all day if you let her.  She loves adventure....wait for roller coasters! Yikes...Mommy isn't good on those! I'm a wimp!