Sunday, April 14, 2013

Her Smile Melts My Heart

My daughter is two. And, with the age of two, seems to have come a newer (note the word newer) found strong will and determination. A greater push for independence, and a stubbornness that would put even a mule to shame. The digging in of the heels occurs at even the smallest of requests. The shaking of the head is now accompanied by a strong "no" multiple times a day, and her frustrations end up bursting out in the form of physical, shall we say "energy", perhaps because her language can't come out fast enough. She has incredible comprehension and many many words, but has yet to string them all together, and I think this bugs the heck out of her. She knows exactly what she wants to say but can't get it out.

Under this ball of incredible energy, there is an absolute love. One who is full of hugs and wet kisses, playful teasing, and much laughter and music and dancing. One who loves to be outside, and from the moment she wakes up in the morning, asks to "play". Her smile melts my heart. Thank goodness for the multitude of hugs and kisses and smiles. They are going to get us through the times I'm in pull out hair mode!

"Singing" the ABCs

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Catherine said...

Cute as a button! Oh yes, I remember that time well. I remember days wishing I'd hear another word other than 'no!' It's tough but the love that comes with your strong little girl will take you far!! My sweetie is a strong one too but I wouldn't want her any other way - even though there are times when I think she's trying to break me down. ;o)

So many adorable pics! Sweet, cute hair! Suits her perfectly.