Sunday, August 5, 2012

Then and Now

On July 18th (yes, I know it's now August), little Miss K turned 18 months old. Good grief - I have a year and a half year old! Yikes!!! ;-) She has gone from a quiet observant introvert to, as someone recently described her, quite the little firecracker. Everything is done with enormous gusto! Yes, my daughter is stubborn, loud, and very determined. However, she is also a very cuddly, funny, and loving little girl. Was the wait worth it? DEFINITELY! 

Meeting each other for the very first time, January 8, 2012; She may not have realized it then that she had been waiting for me and was not really impressed at the time, but I had certainly been waiting for her for a VERY long time!!!
Very first day at home - January 21, 2012; A wee bit jet lagged, she fit right in, right from the get go, pets and all. Each day, another step forward, there has been no looking back!
July 18, 2012; 18 months old and full of trouble! I have my hands full!