Wednesday, November 6, 2013


Time is passing by oh so quickly! We've had Thanksgiving and Halloween and our second referral anniversary since I last posted, not to mention the everyday comings and goings of life in general.

I can't believe we're already a week into the month of November. Clocks have been moved back and the chill of Winter is hanging in the air. Boots, hats, mitts and snowsuit are at the ready. Keira is excited for the arrival of snow. I'm not! 

Words Keira couldn't say last year (like "snowman") are now part of her everyday vocabulary and she is talking up a storm. Life is busy but oh, so good. 

She loves her balance bike! 
AdoptWalk 2013. She was more interested in gathering treasures along the route but still managed approximately 2.5 of the 5 km.

At the Fair. 
In line for pony rides. She was most perturbed when it was time to get off the horse. 
Halloween!!! Sorry, the pic below is fuzzy. I need to download a pic from my "real" camera. 

Referral Day!!! It was two years ago that I received pics and info that would forever change my life. 

Bubbles! Enjoying the nice weather while we can. 


Michelle said...

Two years - wow!! I love how you are savouring your time with your girl ... it's really is precious time!

L.J said...

Hi Paula,

I love checking your blog...Keira looks great! Mariah is also taliking up a storm and has become quite a little clown!