Monday, October 1, 2012

Back Peddling - Learning to Walk

On August 15th, just three days before turning 19 months old, Keira took her first solo steps. From the traditional crawl which started on Mother's Day in May, to pulling herself up on furniture in June, to walking behind walkers and with hands in July, suddenly she was taking three or four steps on her own. Exactly a month later, on September 15th, she figured out how to get up from the floor to her feet rather than using an anchor of a chair, a table, or Mom's legs. She has been a'motoring ever since.

Just recently she has been borderline know the run I mean. The typical toddler run with the giggle attached where they think they're running REALLY fast but really they aren't. Meanwhile, because they're giggling so much, everything else, balance, stability etc. goes out the window and inevitably Keira will end up in a heap on the floor, hopefully laughing and not crying! Right now as long as all is well, I offer a up a "kaboom" and make light of it so she gets back up and keeps going. She's very much like the Energizer Bunny!

For now enjoy some early "learning to walk" pics. I bought some second hand walking wings. They were terrific. They helped Keira with her balance and gave her the feeling of independence. Plus I wasn't tugging on her little arms and pulling them out of their sockets. ;-) She loved feeling as though she was walking on her own. I promise to post some more recent pics soon. These pictures were taken in August approximately a week prior to her starting to walk on her own. Since then it's been go, go, go! She hasn't looked back!

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