Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Fall Fun!

Yes, once again it's been awhile. I have a wee bit of an excuse...I'm having difficulties with blogger, it's google actually. Suddenly, I haven't been able to log into blogger. I get an odd admin message stating that my "IT administrator is managing my accounts and that blogger hasn't been activated". WHAT?!? Where on earth did this come from? There is no IT administrator, never has been. Anyway - I'm still having problems. For some reason I was able to get in today using a different computer....go figure. The other night I couldn't access blogger no matter what I tried.

Pics are limited as most are on another computer and I'm too lazy to put them on a memory stick right at this moment. I know however, that some of you check in or get notified by email you go! Keira enjoying the Fall weather and leaves. These were taken back in October at age 21 months. My how she has changed!!! She, as you can tell from the photos, continues to be quite the character. She is not only walking, walking walking, she is running. She natters constantly and has a vocabulary of approximately 50 words with new words popping up daily. She is bright, full of energy, and has a ton of spunk! She is also very good at pushing the boundaries and constantly has me on my toes! She plays hard, eats well, sleeps soundly, and loves big. She is an absolute blessing. People say I light up when I see her. It's not hard to see why. I'm happy to say she lights up when she sees me lucky am I to be this little girl's mommy?

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