Friday, March 15, 2013

First Haircut!

On a whim I decided to drop into a children's hair salon yesterday and see if they had space to take Keira later in the day to get her first official haircut. It was time! Her hair (like her!) has been growing like a weed and it simply needed tidying up to get rid of the scraggly look. Hopefully the trim will give it a chance to fill in. I don't know about you, but they certainly didn't have places like the one I took her to when I was growing up! It was a children's mini paradise. She didn't want to leave and wanted to test and sit in every chair that was there and ride on every toy. Apart from wanting to stand on occasion (the seat belts were poor velcro) and constantly moving, she did extremely well. The cut looks cute if I do say so myself!
She's not sure why she's in a fancy car with a smock on and nowhere to go!

The hair salon gave us a card with strands of Keira's hair and a poem about her first haircut. Do you remember her referral pictures and the updated photo I got of her where her head was shaved? She had hair when she was handed to me but it was so short and shorter on the sides than at the back and the top. I remember wondering if it would ever grow! The cut looks super cute. Her natural wave really shows and it looks fuller. Love it! It was hard to get a decent photo of her this morning as she was waiting for breakfast, but here's an idea of what it looks like now. I see a little girl emerging from the toddler...good grief! She JUST turned two!!!


Michelle said...

She looks absolutely adorable!!

Catherine said...

So cute! First haircuts are such a memorable occassion!

L.J said...

She looks grown up! so cute!
Mariah's hair is just starting to come in nicely, it took a while.