Monday, March 4, 2013

First Official Holiday!!!

Yup - I know I have long overdue birthday pictures to post and perhaps a Chinese New Year pic or two, and even more pictures of our Family Day, but I simply couldn't resist a quick post about our first official international holiday.

Keira and I took advantage of the fact I'm off during a time other than the March break, and headed south with my sister-in-law, my four year old niece and my six month old nephew. We boarded a plane in chilly (downright cold actually), snowy Ottawa, and deplaned in warm, sunny Cayo Coco, Cuba where we enjoyed perfect weather and a spectacular beach for a week. Our only regret was not having booked two weeks! Hind sight is 20/20 - one week simply wasn't long enough! We did experience a couple of issues with the hotel, however the weather and the beach made up for it ten fold.

I have a true little beach bum on my hands. Keira was in her element. She absolutely adored it and her mother adored watching her adore it! I am already looking forward to our next beach adventure.

It is going to have to become a tradition in this household. It regenerates the soul and does the body good! They say a picture can speak a thousand words....judge for yourselves! Here is but a snap shot of our holiday.

Keira's very first view of the ocean. She was SO excited - we couldn't get onto the sand fast enough!
Early every morning they'd come along with a tractor and rake up any seaweed. When the tide was down, the beach was perfect for little ones.

Keira was in her element all week!

Although she enjoyed the pool, Keira preferred the beach. She's my little beach bum!

A most perfect view!

Tuckered out!

I loved watching her play. She happily amused herself for a couple of hours on the beach each day and I'm sure would have played longer, but Mommy insisted on lunch and a nap. 

Early evening stroll when the tide was up.
Examining a piece of brain coral.

A room with a view; our front balcony steps led to that path which led directly to the beach.
A morning stroll - Mom and daughter.

Sigh....homeward bound.

We will definitely be doing such a trip again! It was relaxing and peaceful - a terrific way to spend a week together, not to mention, it nice to get away from the cold and the snow. For a week, no boots, hats, mittens or snowsuits....that in itself was bliss! ;-)


Michelle said...

Looks like a wonderful vacation! K is in her element!!

Joanna B said...

Beautiful! Looks like you made some wonderful memories! My favorite pic is the one of Kiera sleeping...cute!

Catherine said...

Ahhh....what a perfect way to spend a week together! Such a treat suing this cold, snowy winter. Great pics of your little sweetie enjoying the beach!

Do you know about the baby powder trick? Sprinkle baby powder on her skin where she's covered with sand and it brushes right off. Learned that one from a friend and it works wonders!

What a wonderful annual tradition you have started!