Monday, May 13, 2013

Mother & Daughter

Sunday was Mother's Day. My second year to celebrate being Mom to such an incredible little girl. I pinch myself daily and am in awe that, after such a ridiculously long wait, we were brought together as mother and daughter. I literally shake my head in wonder. I have no doubt in my mind we were meant to be a family she and I. She is so totally mine and I am so totally hers. I am blessed beyond measure.


Lori said...

Thanks Paula for stopping by, and yes, we are packed and ready to go!
Happy (belated) Mother's Day, what a great year in pictures!! Love the shadow shot:)

Catherine said...

Blessed beyond measure!! You are the perfect family! Once I began praying for Hannah I knew I was praying for
only her. Speaking of miss H she'd like to type you a note so... Banda na

You look beautiful together- Mother & daughter FOREVER!