Sunday, May 26, 2013

Yup, She's a Character!

Keira ADORES being outside. So much so that the other day she tried climbing up the patio door as she wailed "outside, outside!"All this taking place BEFORE breakfast. She was not impressed when I insisted she get some food into her first. Once outside she was once again her usual happy self. We literally spent almost three hours puttering, she in her sandbox and with her toys, and I pulling out weeds and more weeds, plus getting the backyard ready for the summer. Or at least trying to! Of course I had a little bit of toddler help along the way. 

What do you mean this thing doesn't drive on stone? (Note the movement of hair - she's trying mighty hard to get the car to move forward!)
Lending a helping hand. It's a good thing because our backyard needs all the help it can get! I can't get over the number of weeds and dandelions (yes, I know they're considered weeds). Crazy! I reseeded today (Monday). We'll see what happens.
Really?!? What a life!


L.J said...

So cute Paula!

Catherine said...

Oh my! What a little sweetie!!