Sunday, June 9, 2013

Almost Summer!

I'm counting down! Keira doesn't know it, but she's counting down too! Fifteen more days...only three more weeks, until the summer holidays. This mommy can't wait. I went back to work, after fifteen months off, on March 18th. Work is ridiculously busy and yes, the time has gone by quickly, but I so miss my days at home with my little girl. She is growing and changing so quickly - I am looking forward to being able to slow down for a couple of months and take it all in. I have us booked for a week of swim lessons, we are going to see a Cirque du Soleil show with some good friends in July, and we are planning a trip to the UK with my mom in early August. Yes, I am counting down! Once summer is here however, I am going to want things to slow down so I can take everything in and enjoy the two months we have together. How does that expression go? Wanting your cake and eating too? Yes, I'll admit it...I'm guilty of that. ;-) How could one not be?
She was convinced she was going to drive us home from daycare!
Top of the slide.
Painting with water.
Trying out a new frozen yogurt shop - YUM! It passed the test.
Helping Oma water her plants. Not sure what got wetter, the plants or her shoes!
Dressed up and ready to go!
Sleep over! "Face to face - saying "good morning" to her cousin.

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Catherine said...

What a fun summer is ahead of you! 4 days closer now. Yay!!!