Monday, June 24, 2013

She Just Keeps Growing!

I have vivid memories of the moment Keira was placed in my arms, and of the days and weeks that followed. She was a wee thing...a little peanut, somewhat frail and slight, still an infant really, even though she was just a few days shy of a year old. She was far behind and had a lot of catching up to do.

Now? Ha! I continually shake my head in wonder. She has literally steamrolled ahead developmentally and is now a rather rambunctious, busy, chatty toddler. In just one month's time she will be two and a half. And trust me, she is no longer the featherweight she once was! She has a mind of her own and is quick to tell you what she wants. Her favourite phrases and/or words at the moment are: "I do it!", "Why?" (I didn't think that would happen until she was at least 3!) and, "Myself!". We can't pull out of the driveway or away from daycare without her saying (yelling really) goodbye to absolutely everyone and everything. Every morning I hear, "Goodbye dog, goodbye cats, goodbye house!" etc. She even says goodbye to the neighbour's boat. Everyday I hear new words and am getting a kick out of her ability to join in and sing along to her music in the car. She absolutely cracks me up!

Only four more days to go before summer holidays. Can't wait!

Girl on a mission!
First time on a tire swing.
LOVED the tunnel slide! 
Getting into mischief!
Every time we pull into the parking lot of this shopping mall, she asks to go and "see the water".
Mastering the ice cream cone. A girl after my own heart. 
Always happy when outside!
Helping Mommy make pancakes. Trumps playing every time. ;-)
Keeping Rain company while she eats her breakfast. The two of them are like peas in a pod.
Rather proud of herself for using a "big girl" cup.


Michelle said...

Miss C use to say good bye to everyone and everything, too! Such a great age ... the truth is every age is wonderful, even 13!! Cheers to 4 more days!!

Catherine said...

So sweet! Look at her grow!