Sunday, August 11, 2013

Certified Beach Bum!

We are loving our Cape Cod vacation! I can see why people come back year after year. It truly is a lovely little corner of the Earth. Although we are staying in Chatham, the different areas (or districts) all run into each other and we have managed to catch a good glimpse of what the Cape has to offer.

Yesterday we drove to what was deemed a kid friendly beach and although the breeze made it a bit chilly for we older folk, we spent much of the day there digging in the sand, exploring, hermit crab hunting, and simply enjoying being able to relax on a huge expanse of beach once the tide went down. Watching the tide go out was incredible. It seemed as though one minute the water was there, the next minute it was gone! 

There are stretches of beach scattered literally everywhere throughout Cape Cod and we've managed to check out a few of them. Keira is loving it! She is a bonefied little beach bum! Every chance I get, I stop so she can take a stroll along the sand or hunt for buried treasures. 

Today we spent the day in Provincetown.  It was another awesome day!

   Watching the catch of the day come in

         Our bath tub isn't big enough! 
            Checking out Noah's Arc
                  My beach bum!

               Low tide - beautiful!

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