Monday, January 16, 2012

Chillin' On The Bus

Car seats? What are they? Keira who, believe it or not, will not eat
Cheerios, has discovered the world of Mum Mums. Given she still has no
teeth (but is working very hard at getting the front two at the bottom
to come in), and is in need of all the nutrition she can get, she is
still on formula, baby cereal and pureed food. Once she discovered Mum
Mums though, yum! There was no stopping her. She thinks those are a
real treat!

She gets a wee bit frustrated however, once they get too small for her
to take a bite and she can't figure out and to manoeuvre the piece
that's left in her hand into her mouth. It's funny to watch her try to
pry her fingers open with her other hand simply to get at the
remaining piece of Mum Mum. She's one determined little girl.