Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Monday January 9, 2012

Monday was a day of formalities. Literally. We were on the bus, off the bus, and back on again, from one official government building to the next taking care of paperwork. Certificates, multiple signatures, interviews, photos, you name it, it got done. Babies and their families were carted from one place to the next. For the most part they took it in good stride but it certainly made for a long day.
There was a three hour break mid-day for lunch and a quick nap. Keira was out cold and had to be woken up to be hauled to the passport office in the afternoon. Needless to say, she was not impressed! She would have preferred to stay in the comfort of her crib where she was cosy and warm. She had had enough of the on the bus, off again. So had her mom and Oma but it had to be done. Her mom had no problems answering the question asked at the provincial office "Are you satisfied with this baby?" Most definitely!!! Yes sir! That's my baby!!!