Monday, January 16, 2012

The Great Wall

"Great" really doesn't begin to describe it. It truly is spectacular -
some 6000 km of spectacular apparently! The temperature was noticeably
cooler and fresh the moment we got off the bus, but it was beautiful
and I was anxious to be outside after being cooped up inside for two
days. Lily, our guide, claimed the section of the Wall she took us to
(sorry, can't remember the actual name), to be the most beautiful.

Too many steps for a stroller today so I had Keira forward facing in
the carrier as she likes to see what's going on. She literally
chuckled and cooed as I made my way up the multitude of uneven steps.
No kidding, she wasn't doing all of the work with an extra 74 cm long,
7.45 kg strapped to her front. I know that for a fact as we had our
medical today. Long and terribly skinny is my babe. Lots of fresh air
and some good exercise. I only went up to tower 8, but it was
certainly far enough! What amazed me were the women who were trudging
up the steps in their high heeled boots....hello?!? What were they
thinking? Last time I checked this wasn't a runway, it was the Great
Wall of China! ;-)