Saturday, January 14, 2012

Stepping Back in Time

On Thursday we took almost a two hour bus ride to visit what is known
as an "ancient village". We found ourselves at a 1000 year old village
where people, to this day, continue to live and work. They welcome
visitors as part of their income. It was literally like stepping back
in time yet the habitants of the village were dressed in modern day
clothing. Heck! Our guide even had high heels on as she took us down
stone alley ways and through ancient homes. It was quite a sight! It
was incredibly unique as there was an interesting mix of old and new.
A very peaceful, gentle way of life where the children roamed freely
and there was a true sense of community. It was nice to be away from
the hustle and bustle of the big city for the day.

The tree in the picture is 1200 years old and the villagers believe
that it symbolizes longevity. It is said that if one walks around the
tree three times, they will live to be at least 99 years old. The
villagers often sit under the tree to do their work on nice days as
they believe it will bring them good health and a long life.

The last pictures of Keira are on the bus ride home. She was lying on
my knee looking up at me having a good chuckle. Every once in a while
she thinks her mom is kind of funny. ;-)