Wednesday, January 18, 2012

A Very Important First

Today is Keira's first birthday. One year old today - January 18,
2012. I will never know the details of her birth, how big she was,
exactly where she was born, who her birth parents are. But this I do
know. She is one incredibly loved little girl and I am extremely
blessed to be able to call her my daughter.

On Sunday, our guide brought three birthday cakes to our lunch at the
Jade Factory. One for Tieran who turned eight on Sunday. She was
adopted seven years ago and is here with her family to adopt her baby
sister, and one cake each for the two babies who were to be turning
one today, on the 18th of January, one of them being Keira.

For a little one who had never seen cake before, she was curious and
before I could blink, she had a fist full of whipped cream which ended
up all over her hand and on her snowsuit. Keira then helped Lily cut
the cake and shared it with all of her friends. She has quite the
reach, I tell you! Once the pieces were handed out and I was eating
mine, she grabbed a hold of my paper plate and gave it a yank. Just
like a magic trick, Keira was left holding the plate, and I was left
eating my cake off the table cloth. The rest of group at the table was
in stitches. They couldn't believe she had moved so quickly. Gotta
love her!

I'm looking forward to celebrating quietly with family when we get
home. The countdown is now on.