Thursday, January 12, 2012

My Daughter

My daughter will be a year old late next week but in reality she is
more like a seven and a half or eight month old developmentally. She
is just shy of 16 pounds, has no baby chub (we're going to fix that!)
and, when I first met her couldn't turn over or sit on her own, nor
did she have any teeth.

After lots of tummy time over the past four days, she now flips from
her back to her front whenever she wants to, and when I pull her up
into the sitting position when she has been lying down, she will
support her head on her own. She still needs support when sitting
otherwise she will topple over (usually to the left) but each and
every day I see progress. Two teeth are beginning to make an
appearance and it wouldn't surprise me if they arrive before we get

She has begun to mimic me and will now blow raspberries, will pop her
lips and will blink back at me if I blink at her. She is a little
character - always thinking, looking, taking everything in. Whenever I
introduce a new toy, she explores it thoroughly and we have
conversations back and forth and she is starting to smile and chuckle
more frequently. She really is a delight. I have no doubt the next few
months are going to be very busy as she plays catch up and meets
various milestones. I'm lucky to get to be the one to experience them
with her.