Monday, January 9, 2012

First Night

When Keira was handed to me, she initially refused to make eye contact and kept looking the other way. That's not unusual. She shed a few tears and was confused. She had just been on a five hour van ride (for the first time in her life), was handed over to a complete stranger, and hadn't eaten since 11:00 that morning. Poor little thing. We headed for the 18th floor....thank goodness for mirrors - they caught her attention....only to discover our room key no longer worked! I hung out with Keira while my mother went back down to the lobby to sort out the room key. 
We took it slowly night one, taking time to get to know each other - just relaxed in the room. She ate some rice cereal and was sound asleep by 6:30. I headed downstairs to take care of paperwork while my mother babysat her granddaughter for the first time. ;-) We ordered room service when I got back. Note to self, one order of spring rolls is usually enough for two people. 
Monday would be a busy paperwork day. We could use all the sleep we could get!