Friday, January 13, 2012

Teng Wang Pavillion

On Wednesday we loaded the babes in strollers and baby carriers and
walked down to Teng Wang Pavillion, just a few blocks away from the
hotel. It was windy and cold but a nice walk, and the grounds and
buildings were an impressive site. Between Erin and myself, we carted
the stroller up the stairs in the main building where we were ushered
into a TINY elevator. We arrived at the sixth floor to watch a short
performance. Keira slept through the entire thing (which surprised me
as it was incredibly loud) and basically missed the entire Teng Wang
Pavillion. She obviously wasn't overly interested! The view from the
fourth floor was amazing and we spent approximately an hour exploring.

We were then joined by another family and took them to the pedestrian
walk where we'd been the night before. We went our separate ways at
lunch as they decided to stop at KFC (yes, you read that right)
whereas we decided to keep going and explore a true Asian Market.
Keira tends to draw a crowd wherever she goes but until now people had
mostly simply looked and /or pointed. On this day however, I got told
off for letting her have her fingers in her mouth and for letting her
lean her head to the side. I'm an awful mom. Keira let all the Asian
woman have it though when they came along and straightened her head,
pulled her fingers out of her mouth, or adjusted her blanket. She
really let rip and gave them an earful. It was great! I know you're
concerned, people, but please keep your hands off my daughter! ;-)